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With a population of 1,, it is the sixth most populous city in Russia. InKazan was visited by 2. The Kazan Kremlin was visited by 1. The Chirurgie Varizen Kazan of the name Kazan is uncertain. The most accepted legends derive it from the Bulgar and also modern Tatar word qazanwhich means 'boiler' or 'cauldron'. One legend claims that the city was named after the Chirurgie Varizen Kazan Kazanka, which was named after the son of a Bulgar governor dropped a copper cauldron into it.

There is a long-running dispute as to whether Kazan was Chirurgie Varizen Kazan by the Volga Bulgars in the early Middle Ages or by the Tatars of the Golden Horde in the midth century, as written records before the latter more info are sparse. Iske Qazan may have starke Krampfadern an den a Bulgar city on the site; estimates of the date of its foundation range Ayurveda über die Ursachen von Krampfadern the early 11th century to the late 13th century.

Another vexatious Chirurgie Varizen Kazan is Chirurgie Varizen Kazan the citadel was built originally. Archaeological Chirurgie Varizen Kazan have produced evidence of urban settlement in three parts of the modern city: The oldest of these seems Chirurgie Varizen Kazan be the Kremlin.

If Kazan existed in the 11th and 12th centuries, it could have been a stop on a Volga Chirurgie Varizen Kazan route from Scandinavia to Here. Kazan became a center of a duchy which Meditation Krampfadern a dependency of the Golden Horde. Two centuries later, in the s, Kipchak descendants of Genghis Khan, such as Ghiasetdin of Kazanusurped power from its Bolghar dynasty.

Some Tatars also went to Lithuaniabrought by Vytautas the Great. Inas the Golden Horde was beginning to break up, Kazan became the capital of the powerful Khanate of Kazan. Craft-based Chirurgie Varizen Kazan also thrived, as the city gained Chirurgie Varizen Kazan reputation for its leather and gold goods, as well as for the opulence of its palaces and mosques.

The citadel and Bolaq channel were reconstructed, giving the city a strong defensive capacity. The Russians managed to occupy the city briefly several times. Kazan Khanate was making constant Chirurgie Varizen Kazan raids on Russia. Slavery in Kazan Khanate was legal. Most of the slaves were Russian people who were captured during raids.

As a result of the Siege Chirurgie Varizen Kazan Continue reading inRussia under Ivan the Terrible conquered the city and massacred the majority of the population. Tatars in the Russian service were settled in the Tatar Kontrazeptiva mit Krampfadern settlement near the city's wall.

Later Tatar merchants and handicraft masters also settled there. During this period, Kazan was largely destroyed as a result of several great fires. After one of them inthe icon Our Lady of Kazan was discovered in the city. In the Chirurgie Varizen Kazan 17th century, at the beginning of the Time of Troubles in Russia, the Tsardom of Kazan declared independence with the help of the Russian population, but this independence was suppressed by Kuzma Minin in After Peter the Great 's visit, the city became a center of shipbuilding for the Chirurgie Varizen Kazan fleet.

The major Russian poet Gavrila Derzhavin was born in Kazan inthe son of a poor country squire of Tatar Chirurgie Varizen Kazan though himself having a thoroughly Russian identity. Before the building of modern dams, low-lying areas were regularly flooded in April and May. Kazan suffered major fires in,, and Kazan was largely destroyed in as a result of the Pugachev revolt —an uprising by border troops and peasants led by the Don Cossack ataman Captain Yemelyan Pugachevbut the city, formerly largely of timber construction, was soon afterwards rebuilt, using stone and according to a grid pattern plan, during the reign of Catherine the Great.

Catherine also decreed that mosques could again be built in Kazan, the first being Marjani Mosque. At the beginning of the 19th century Kazan State University and printing press were founded by Alexander I. It became an important center for Oriental Studies in Russia. The Qur'an was first printed in Kazan in Kazan became an industrial center and peasants migrated there to join its industrial workforce.

Ina horse tramway appeared; saw the installation of a tramway. After the Russian Revolution ofTatars were allowed to revive Kazan as a Tatar cultural center. The first Tatar theater and the first Tatar Chirurgie Varizen Kazan appeared. In Chirurgie Varizen Kazan became one of the revolution centers.

InKazan Chirurgie Varizen Kazan the capital of the Idel-Ural Statewhich was suppressed by the Bolshevist government. In the s and s, most of the city's mosques and churches were destroyed, as occurred elsewhere in the USSR. During World War IImany industrial plants and factories to the west were relocated in Kazan, making the city a center of the military industryproducing tanks and planes.

After the Chirurgie Varizen Kazan Kazan consolidated as an industrial and scientific center. Inthe Chirurgie Varizen Kazan population reached one million. In the late Chirurgie Varizen Kazan and in the s, after the dissolution of the Soviet UnionKazan again became the center of Tatar culture and identity, and separatist tendencies intensified. With the return of capitalism, Kazan became one of the most important centers of the Russian Federation. The city went this web page 10th to 8th position in population ranking of Russian cities.

Since, the city has been undergoing a total learn more here. Chirurgie Varizen Kazan historical center—including the Kremlin—has been rebuilt, however a large number of the city's historical districts were completely demolished in the renovation.

Kazan celebrated its millennium inafter a city-organized historical commission settled on as the official year of the Chirurgie Varizen Kazan founding. Infor the preparations to the Universiade, Kazan began even Chirurgie Varizen Kazan renovation by modernizing its airport, fixing the streets, enhancing public transport, and adopting Russian, English, and Tatar languages in all transportation, large stores, and shopping centers.

Kazan is the capital of the republic. Kazan is one of the Chirurgie Varizen Kazan industrial and financial centers of Russia, and a leading city Chirurgie Varizen Kazan the Volga economic region in construction and accumulated investment.

Total banking capital of Http:// banks is third in Russia. An innovative economy is represented by the largest IT-park in Russia Chirurgie Varizen Kazan is one of the largest of its kind among Eastern Europe science parks. In city organisations and businesses attract more than 87 billion rubles for economy and social sphere development.

In businesses attracts 86 billion rubles. Most of them have Chirurgie Varizen Kazan implemented in real economy sector.

Because of unstable economic situation within the country, there is a decrease of investment rates in and according to the statistics of the first part of the year it composed Chirurgie Varizen Kazan are head offices of 6 companies that are in rating of top in terms of revenues in Russia. Total square of city business centres is thousand square metres. Innovative economy in Kazan is represented by the biggest IT-park in Russia and also Chirurgie Varizen Kazan biggest technical park in Europe.

The Chirurgie Varizen Kazan one online platform for governmental trade except Chirurgie Varizen Kazan Moscow one is operated in Kazan.

During post-soviet period Kazan was the leader in terms of house construction in Volga region and now it holds the position and implement Republican program of liquidation of dilapidated housing which was unique for Russia. According to ForbesKazan has a 15th place in "Best cities for business in Russia" rating of The airport is connected with the city by bus route 97 and by a suburban train line.

There is also the Kazan Borisoglebskoye airfield, home to Kazan Aircraft Production Associationa major aircraft factory, famous Chirurgie Varizen Kazan the past as "Aircraft Plant 22" "22nd Zavod".

Adjacent to it lies a Chirurgie Varizen Kazan aircraft engines plant "16th Zavod". It produces versions of Tupolev and aircraft. In the past an Ilyushin, four-engine Russian mainliner, Tupolev "Black Jack" supersonic strategic bomber and TuM tactic bomber were also produced here.

Both these plants and adjacent workers' housing make von dem, was whole link district known as "Aviastroitelny" "Aircraft Builders". The main railway station Kazan—Passazhirskaya is located in the please click for source centre and includes a main building built ina commuter trains terminal, a ticket office building and some other technical buildings.

Station serves thirty-six intercity trains and more than eight million passengers per annum. Kazan also has nineteen platforms for commuter trains. This station serves intercity ships and commuter boats. Pneumocushion boats are used in winter. Daily passenger Chirurgie Varizen Kazan reaches 6 thousand. There are two bus stations in Kazan—Central and Southern. It is planned to build new stations in the East, West and North districts instead of Central Chirurgie Varizen Kazan relieving city centre.

There are also R federal highway and "Northern Europe — Western China" in construction route near the city. There are five bridges across the Kazanka Qazansu river in the city, and one bridge connecting Kazan with the opposite bank of the Volga. The city's population consists mostly of ethnic Russians The other ethnicities are ChuvashUkrainiansAzerbaijanisVietnamese[35] [36] [37] and Jews.

The Russian language is widely spoken in the Chirurgie Varizen Kazan. Tatar is also widely spoken, mainly by Tatars. Kazan has a humid continental climate Köppen climate classification Dfb with long, cold winters colder Chirurgie Varizen Kazan Moscowand warm, often dry summers. As a result of its far inland position, summers are extremely warm for its latitude and winters are quite cold compared to areas further west in Europe. The warmest month is July Chirurgie Varizen Kazan daily mean temperature near The city set its two hottest days on record Chirurgie Varizen Kazan the Northern Hemisphere summer heat waves.

The city has a Chirurgie Varizen Kazan Russian: Major monuments in the kremlin are the five-domed six-columned Annunciation Cathedral —62 and the mysterious leaning Soyembika TowerChirurgie Varizen Kazan after the last queen of Kazan Chirurgie Varizen Kazan regarded as the city's most conspicuous landmark.

Central Kazan Chirurgie Varizen Kazan divided into two Chirurgie Varizen Kazan by Bolaq canal and Lake Qaban. Churches, such as BlagoveschenskayaVarvarinskayaNikol'skayaTikhvinskayaare mostly in the Russian part of the city.

An old legend says that inbefore the Russian invasion, wealthy Tatars baylar hid gold and silver in Lake Qaban. In the beginning of the s most of Central Kazan was covered by wooden buildings, usually consisting of two floors.

There was a historical environment of Kazan citizens, but not the best place to live in.

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